Who are we?

Who are we?

Urban Bikini was founded in 2016 after several years of searching for a classic bikini with a good fit, and made of high quality, durable materials. It also had to be a timeless Scandinavian style that would not be outdated the year after it was bought.

We produce swimwear with attention to every detail, hidden seams for an elegant look, and colors that work together. Seeing the range of styles, patterns, and colors in the crowded world of bikinis, we felt this simpler alternative had to exist.

We make a small collection of swimwear with beautiful colors, a great fit, and made of materials that can last for several years. Because all you really need is the one bikini or swimsuit that is so classic that it can be used both in the garden pool and on an exotic beach.

Urban Bikini wants to be as environmentally conscious as possible without compromising the quality. Therefore, we use OEKO-tex certified fabrics that do not contain any substances that can be hazardous to people’s health. The fabrics undergo painstaking laboratory analyses checking for the presence/release of harmful substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic amines, and allergizing colorants. 

The fabric is also EPD certified which is a test based on the evaluation of the environmental impact of a square meter of product. All the various processing stages are analyzed on the basis of specific parameters, including energy use, CO2 emission, water eutrophication and acidification. A Lifecycle Analysis is done to evaluate all the various transformation that take place during the production process, from the purchase of raw materials to finished product packaging and transportation. We are proud to work with EUROJERSEY, the first textile company in the warp-knitted sector to achieve this certification.

You can read more about the certificates here

We manufacture our swimwear in Europe so the finished swimwear doesn’t undergo long transportation. The environment is quite satisfied with that 🙂

Urban Bikini is a Danish company based in Copenhagen, founded by Charlotte Munk Thalund.

Have a wonderful summer and remember that you look awesome!