Sofia Sherain

Copenhagen, Denmark – Laguna Beach, California

Helena P. Fatic

Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

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We are looking for girls in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, who have a happy and healthy outlook on life and value quality. This is reflected in your attitude and your social media presence. City girls, surfer girls, or …. we like it all. It’s about being who you are, finding the sunny corners in your city and your life, and sharing them with the world.

We typically look for Instagram accounts with more than 10k followers and a 3% or higher “like” rate. But, if we see you continually tagging us in cool pics we can of course make exceptions!

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We offer our ambassadors products in exchange for publicity. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive a bikini of your choice to start. Then, as we get to know your voice, we will offer you other opportunities. We appreciate talent – posts with over 5,000 likes can get you access to special releases and promotions.

Email us at / Subject: Ambassador

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Your bikini size top and bottom
Name of your top social media accounts or your blog.
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